Stripey Horse  Bottel 500ml - Tony Cribb

Stripey Horse Bottel 500ml - Tony Cribb

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Tony Cribb lives in Christchurch with his wifey thing, two boys, a cat, a dog, and numerous bumblebees that keep flying in through the door.

Cribb’s work is constantly bouncing around different ideas, themes, styles, and colours. Whilst he paints for his own enjoyment, it’s the viewer’s connection that brings his works to life.

Much of Cribb’s work revolves around themes of goals and journeys and the difficulties inherent in both,with a typically light touch, his work is ultimately encouraging and inspires hope.

  • 500ml
  • 18/8 Double walled stainless steel
  • 12hrs Hot, 24hrs Cold
  • BPA free inner lid
If you would like your Chunky bottle to remain good looking please do not place in dishwasher. Wash with soapy warm water instead. Air dry with lid off. Do not microwave, freeze, soak or overfill.